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Neopets- Tricks to getting millions


Things you should do everyday in neopia!


  • Collect Interest! Over time this will get you TONS of neopoints!

          Fruit Machine
  • You can visit the fruit machine once a day, and it gives out food, neopoints and more!

          Healing Springs
  • If your pet is sick, she will generally cure him/ her! And if he isnt, she might give you a random healing item which you can sell! restore HPs at the same time!

          Laboratory Ray
  • Collect all the map pieces and you will be able to do wonders with your pet!

          Giant Omelette
  • This huge omelette will help supply you with one omelette per visit.

          Wheel of Excitement
  • I dont suggest you use this unless you feel lucky. For me, it just stole my money!

          Wheel of Mediocrity
  • This wheel costs 50 NP and can only be spun once an hour, the prizes arent great. It's worth a try!

          Coltzan's Shrine
  • You can win one million neopoints on this! Every month on the last day of the month at 12PM NST, the shrine gives away 1,000,000 neopoints! Other great prizes, too!

  • This guy gives out lots of stuff, mostly junk. Although many times people get lucky and get a codestone, or two.

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