For Immediate Service:


Chimney :

Services and Repairs: 
  -Chimney Inspections, repairs and cleanings. 
- Chimney restoration with Solid Flue Chimney Savers 
  -Stainless Steel and Aluminum    Chimney relining 
  -Chimney Caps and Waterproofing 
  -Installation of pre-fab chimneys 
-Stainless & Aluminum Relining  
-Complete Fireplace & Chimney Restoration  
- Chimney Sweep Service 
-Power Vacuumed & Dust Free  
-Sales Service and Installation  
-Top Sealing Dampers & Accessories

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Fireplaces :

Custom Built Mantels
   - Expert Installation Repair & Service
   - Top Quality Marble Facings
   - High Efficiency Gas Logs
   - Complete Line of Accessories
   - Expert Masonry Fireplace and Chimney Rebuilds and Repairs
    - Furnace Liners

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